New production system at TV 2 DENMARK

According to schedule, the new production system will be implemented in the spring of 2019 (Photo: TV 2)

According to schedule, the new production system will be implemented in the spring of 2019 (Photo: TV 2)

10. september 2018;
Af: TV 2 Kommunikation

The new system supports the digital transformation at TV 2 DENMARK and matches TV 2’s vision of one system, focusing on cross-platform storytelling.

TV 2 DENMARK just signed a contract with the American company Avid for a new production system supporting the digital transformation at TV 2 and focusing on cross-platform storytelling.

- We’ve prepared for this thoroughly and a number of our key employees have helped defining and setting the standard for a new, modern, story-centric production system. The new system will help us ensure that all our stories are connected to one single point in the system no matter where we publish them and no matter who is working on the story. The new system also gives us new possibilities when it comes to working with multiple elements of the stories, e.g. text, video and graphics, and it will help us publish stories faster and easier – for the benefit of our viewers and online users, says Christian Rohde, Head of Production at TV 2 News and Current Affairs.

In addition to optimizing the production, the system will also improve the user experience for TV 2’s employees.

- This necessary replacement of our current production system, which is composed of many different systems, is a great opportunity for optimizing our production and pushing our digital transformation further. TV 2’s entire production team will be using the exact same platform across all our systems making it much easier to share materials and information. This will reduce the number of applications that each individual staff member needs to work with and the user experience will become more consistent, browser-based and mobile, says Tom Bjerre, CIO at TV 2 Technology & IT.

According to schedule, the new production system will be ready during the spring of 2019 and the different parts of TV 2’s production will be moved to the new platform during summer.

More about the new production system:
By choosing Avid as supplier of the new system, TV 2 continues a long-standing cooperation with the American company that also the supplies TV 2’s current production system.

TV 2 has purchased the MediaCentral | Cloud UX production system for ingesting, working with and publishing video in an intuitive and consistent browser-based user interface. From the browser, TV 2’s production team can access text-based systems, such as scripts in iNEWS, articles from, or research applications such as and many other relevant applications. Video editing is done in the built-in web editor while more advanced editing is done in a new version of MediaComposer or in Adobe Premiere Pro – with direct access to all material in the system.

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