TV 2 in short


TV 2 Danmark A/S is the company behind Denmark's most-watched streaming service, TV 2 Play, and most watched channel, TV 2.

TV 2 Danmark A/S is owned by the Danish state and the public service channel TV 2 is operated on a commercial basis. Until 2004, TV 2's main channel received a smaller share of the license fees. Since 2012, the main channel TV 2 has been partially funded by subscription.

TV 2 aired on October 1, 1988, and less than three years later TV 2 had become the largest TV channel in Denmark. TV 2's range of programs includes news, sports, documentaries, lifestyle, entertainment and drama series. 

Additionally, TV 2 Danmark operates the TV channels TV 2 News, TV 2 Echo, TV 2 Charlie, TV 2 Fri, TV 2 Sport, TV 2 Sport X as well as - Denmark's most popular news website.

TV 2 Danmark A/S has approximately 1,500 employees located in Odense and Copenhagen.


For general questions about TV 2, please send an email to - you can find more contact information here.


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